Alone in a large dark house, you have to survive as long as possible before being inevitably defeated by the ghastly presences haunting the place.


- WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump.

- Use the mouse to aim your torchlight and gun, click on the left button to fire.

- E or Right mouse click to interact with switches.

You'll be chased by shadow puppets, you cannot damage them, but they will damage you on  contact. You'll need light to see them. 

Each shadows comes from a puppet somewhere in the house, you can destroy the shadow by destroying its puppet. Once destroy, it'll turn into a blue light puppet that heals you on contact before disappearing.

When you shoot at a shadow, it'll emit a small particle that will moves toward their puppet, giving a hint on where to find them.

Important : Set the luminosity before starting the game! There's 2 text pieces on the main menu, one should be visible and the other invisible. You shouldn't be able to see shadows easily without a light source.



Code, Game Design, and Level Design : Cawotte (Me)


Music and SFX : Neo2Cold (Scott Stinson)


Graphics : Lyman



The code source of the game is available here, the game was made using Unity 2018.4 :


This game is a submission to the Weekly Game Jam #103, and as such, has been made within a week!


win64.zip 36 MB


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You've created great atmosphere with the audio/visual experience. Really good job!

Really cool game!! The music and SFX truly play with your psychology! i was scared in there! Good Job. really cool job.  

Thank you! Your game was awesome, by the way!