A downloadable game for Windows

Par l'Equipe 142.

Made in 48h with Unity for the Wonderjam, we were 5 people working on it. 

Rules : 

Defend the station from invaders, move your ships to strategical positions to fight them back, and upgrades the ships between each waves!

Controls :

Xbox Gamepad :

  • Joystick : Move the Cursor
  • A : Move a ship to the cursor's position, validate choices.
  • Y and B : Select the next or previous ship.
  • B : open/close the Upgrade Menu (between waves), go to next dialog line.

Mouse :

  • The cursor follows the mouse's position.
  • Scroll up/down : Select next/previous ship.
  • Right click : Move a ship to the cursor's position, validate choices, go to next dialog line.
  • Left click : Open/Close the Upgrade menu, skip a dialog.

Keyboard :

  • WASD : Move the cursor
  • I : Move a ship to the cursor's position.
  • J / L : Select previous/next ship.
  • K or E : Open/Close the Upgrade menu.
  • You can't efficiently navigate menus with the Keyboard controls, so you'll have to use the mouse to buy upgrades. 


SpaceLeague_1.0.zip 35 MB
SpaceLeague_with_MouseKB.zip 35 MB

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